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Visit any of our Our Roasted Beans Lounge stores, select either one kind of bean or a mix of organic, fair trade green beans from several countries (we will help you choose). We will roast them to your desired strength (light, medium, medium-dark, or dark) while you wait.  We will then package them in a vented bag that will let the gases dissipate over the next 3-5 days, after which you can then grind the amount you need to make your morning coffee (use a burr grinder for best results).  This will be the best coffee you have ever tasted.  If you wish to experiment with different blends of beans, you can do that continuously until you find the perfect coffee for your palate.  Our computer keeps a record of all the roasts we do for you, so you don't have to worry about remembering exactly what you previously purchased.  We will even put a label on the bag with your name printed on it, and pour you a free cup of black coffee while you are waiting. If you want to see what a coffee roaster looks like, click the Coffee roaster button below.

Roasted coffee beans have a flavor life of about 2-weeks before starting to become stale, and should be ground and used within that time frame.  Ideally you should grind the beans immediately before brewing your coffee, and do not leave the ground beans just sitting around for several hours. Freezing or vacuum packing prolongs the roasted bean life substantially, but once you defrost them you should not refreeze them.

We will be opening Our Roasted Beans stores worldwide starting in the autumn of 2017. If owning one of our stores might interest you, please e-mail us by clicking the Email us button below. Right now we are focused on making all of this a reality.

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