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Our overall goal is to provide the best possible coffee experience worldwide, to as many people as possible. This is NOT A FRANCHISE that we intend to sell, but rather a contractual licensing arrangement in which you can run your own business, and we provide the requisite coffee roaster, the espresso machine and other coffee making equipment, the organic, fair trade green coffee beans, and the ancilliary bits and pieces such as degassing bags and ongoing inventory control. We don't tell you how to set your pricing, and other than a few things on which we do contractually insist, your success or failure is entirely up to you. Our concept is that each store will be what is traditionally called a Mom & Pop business, where the owners are also the day to day on-site operators, and provide a neighborhood place of relaxation. No wi-fi, no laptops or tablets, smartphones set to vibrate only, no televisions, a used books bookcase with a bring one - take one policy, a backgammon board or two, and maybe a couple of cribbage boards, and a mix of quiet jazz and classical music playing in the background. One or two friendly cats would be a nice touch, but that choice is yours to make, not ours, and we also allow you to sell fresh muffins and cookies with your coffee, but no other food items. Long picnic (or beer garden) style tables with stools, and tables are shared by all. No kitchen, no wait staff or cooks, just the person who does the roasting, and one or two baristas. And finally, no smoking anywhere on the premises; period. This includes any outdoor patio if you have one. This no smoking rule is firm, even if smoking is allowed in your country in coffee shops. The bottom line is that your Our Roasted Beans Lounge should have the ambience of a comfortable living room. Finally, all coffee is served in ceramic cups, and if the customer wants to buy a coffee to go, then they will have to provide their own go-cup ( they will receive a 10% discount if they bring their own cup ).

Your clients and market will include the walk-in customers who want the best cup of coffee they can get anywhere, and those who want to have green beans roasted for them, to their specifications. One of the licensing requirements if that the licensee has a certified coffee roaster (with at least one year of roasting experience) on site during all business hours, who will be in charge of all coffee roasting. This is critical to the success of your business, and is non-negotiable. You will also be selling roasted beans to any place that makes coffee, either for their own use, or for their customers. For those outside clients, the licensee will package the roasted beans in degassing bags, with a custom printed label showing the client's name and the date of roasting. You will sell go-cups with, or without, our logo, as well as burr grinders, home roasting equipment, French press coffee makers, and a few other small items.

We will handle all of your green organic coffee bean inventory for you, via a virtual private network (VPN) that connects your coffee bean roaster and cash register to our software. By combining the input from those two sources, we know exactly how many kilograms of each type of coffee beans you sell, and can ensure that appropriate bean shipments are made to you in a timely manner. We don't collect any other sales information from your records, just the kilograms and type of green organic beans that you have sold.


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