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We are looking for independent representatives/agents in all countries, worldwide. Our representatives will seek out couples who wish to own their own coffee shop business, will provide them with full details about what is entailed, satisfy themselves that the potential buyer has the requisite experience in small business and has the financial ability to proceed. Once that has been done, they will present the buyer with our contract for signature by the buyer, witnessed by a lawyer or notary public, and then forward that contract to us for our determination as to the buyer's suitability. If we agree with the representative that the buyer is desirable, then we will sign the contract and forward a copy to the representative to be presented to the buyer.

Our representative will receive a finder's fee payable 30-days after we have received payment in full from the client, and such payment has cleared all bank protocols through to the deposit in our account. Representatives are at all times independent business people bringing potential buyers to our company, and are not, in any sense of the word, employees or contract consultants. They are responsible for their own business activities and their own expenses, and may not represent themselves to potential clients in any other manner. In some smaller countries we will grant the chosen representative the right to represent us for the entire country, while in larger countries we may have several representatives, each covering a different geographic area.

More information will be posted to these pages periodically, so don't forget to refresh your browsers when visiting our pages. If you are interested in becoming one of our representatives, please send us an email.

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